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Amendment of Invoice GSTR-1 B2B

Goods and Services Tax – Started By: – Alkesh Jani – Dated:- 8-1-2018 Last Replied Date:- 1-4-2018 – Sir, In GSTR-1, there is a table for Amendment of Invoice B2B, for previous period. While going for amendment it asks for Revised Invoice No. Infact I have not issued any revised invoice, but I need to amend. Please guide me as I am confused between word Amend and Revised. – Reply By KASTURI SETHI – The Reply = What is the basis for amendment in B2B ? That is issuance of revised invoice. Firstly original invoice is to be corrected by way of issuance of revised invoice (anew invoice) in lieu of original invoice. – Reply By Ganeshan Kalyani – The Reply = You will be rectifying the original invoice by issuing revised invoice. Without issuing a

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