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ITC 04 GST return -Service provider as a job worker – to be filed or not to be filed

Goods and Services Tax – Started By: – venkataraman swaminathan – Dated:- 14-9-2018 Last Replied Date:- 14-9-2018 – Dear Sir We are a job worker doing job work for our customer X . Registered with GST and paying GST undder SAC code. Customer is giving all raw materials / components etc. and doiong machining / assembly and send back the FG to sutomer under DC .For our Labour charges we are paying GST under SAC Code. for the Raw materials /components given by our Principal/ ie. by our customer , we need to send WIP components to our s/c vendors for further processing like machining / plating / painting / HT etc..activity. and we send the components to our s/c vendor under our Delivery challan and the entire transactions are under SAP/ERP. In

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