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Goods and Services Tax – Started By: – rohit patodi – Dated:- 16-4-2018 Last Replied Date:- 18-4-2018 – what would be my adjusted turnover and net ITC in case of refund of input tax credit availed on inputs in case of exporters. For eg., an exporter has exported goods on LUT worth rs 2500000 in July period and in the same period he has done taxable sale within state worth rs 500000 and tax is ₹ 12500 cgst and sgst. So Total sale would be 3000000 rs. He has total input on purchases amounting to ₹ 150000 cgst and sgst. Thus input left at the end of the tax period at the end of the month is 150000-12500 i.e 137500.In this case, how can I calculate adjusted turnover and net ITC? – Reply By SURYAKANT MITHBAVKAR – The Reply = You hav

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